new demo released 07/21/13


Ooh, looks like this is finally done!

Hey, doesn't this website template look a bit familiar...?

Someone's being lazy~

More like... Camille hasn't slept in a week... So this is the best she can do? How sad.

More importantly, look!!


Wait... Who the hell are you?!

Uhh... That's going to be hard to explain... For lots of reasons...

Guys... Aren't we forgetting something...

Yeah... The demo's out! You get to see us all shirtless!

I didn't get to be shirtless...

That's probably for the best, to be honest...


I hope people like me... I didn't get much attention last time, so this is my revenge match!

Don't you die in chapter two, though?


A-ANYWAY...! someone get yukinari out of here omg

Natsume... I'll remember this...


Here's the low-down on the demo~




The filesize is pretty big, but it's worth it! I promise! You'll see the reason when you play.

!!!: This demo has blood, murder, a bit of gore, and some sensuality. Also lots of shirtless guys running around. As such, we strongly suggest that you be at least 15+ in age to play BCM, but of course you should use your best judgment when it comes to what you're okay with.

This demo covers the first two out of five chapters of Shuuki's side of BCM.

Note: This demo utilizes the new additive blending in Ren'Py. Additive blending is only supported by hardware-based renderers, such as the OpenGL and DirectX/ANGLE renderers. The software renderer will draw additive images incorrectly. It's not a major part of our game, but you should probably keep that in mind.

Please also consider updating your graphic card drivers before trying BCM. If you're having display problems, please check out this help page in the Ren'Py documentation.

The demo has these known issues:

If you play the game, please use the #bcmvn Twitter hashtag or Break Chance Memento Tumblr tag if you can!



We've got two special PDFs available now! One is an art booklet with BCM-related sketches, concept artwork, comics, and progressions by Auro. It's chock full of BCM art that you can't see anywhere else yet. The other booklet is a story booklet of BCM-related stories by Camille, including two R-18 pieces. Both booklets also contain commentary/notes from Auro and Camille.

There's some cool stuff in here! I can't approve of that story in there that shows me crying, though

We're implementing a pay what you want system, but setting the minimum price at $1 USD. Get some cool BCM stuff and support Cyanide Tea while you're at it! ♥ Auro designed the PDFs, so you know they'll be nice to look at, too.

You'll get to see me with a beard in the art booklet!



Break Chance Memento (BCM) is a BL visual novel in progress by Cyanide Tea. There is no official release date yet, but we hope to have it out later this year. For more information, please see the official BCM website.

Thanks: Shadow for splendiferous editing, Lazcht of stellar null for the original BCM UI that we are no longer using but that inspired us very much ♥, Lazcht + Dito Satrio for painting the map of Nagasaki used (exclusively) in our game, and all of our friends and supporters! See more BCM credits here.

Please look forward to the full game release and let Auro and Camille know if you have questions or comments!

Answers will be put up as more questions are asked.

Wait, didn't you guys already release a demo? The previous demo was actually just a little prequel to the game meant to introduce people to the characters and setting. This new demo, aside from looking 1000% better, contains the actual first two chapters of Shuuki's game. The old demo came out in 2011, haha, it's quite dated now.

What all has changed between the old demo and this one? *deep breath* This one has new sprites, CGs, new backgrounds, a totally redone UI, more music, edited (and better) writing, and lots and lots of sparkly things! So... Basically everything? The game has changed a lot over the last couple of months.

When is the full game coming out? We're not comfortable with releasing a hard release date yet because our previous estimates haven't worked out very well, but we'd like to get Shuuki's game out this year! We will definitely announce a release date when it's possible to do so, so please be patient and keep up with our updates until then. (consider subscribing to our newsletter to be notified of major updates and releases)

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