the past

Four years ago, Shuuki’s world was turned upside-down when his twin sister, Fuyuka, died in an accident at just 12 years of age. His parents blamed her death on the negligence of their eldest son, Natsume. The Amamiya family was never the same.

the present

One fateful morning, Shuuki stumbles across the gruesome sight of his brother Masaharu’s corpse. When all hope is lost and Shuuki must come to terms with the fact that his brother has been murdered, the mysterious Kyousuke appears before him with a proposition.

"Do you want to bring your brother back?

To fix your family’s broken relationship? You can…if you learn to travel through time."

The future

Before he knows it, Shuuki is caught in a plot far more sinister than he could have ever imagined. He learns that the key to traveling through time and stopping innocents from being killed lies in mementos: items that are a link between the past, future, and present.

Main Characters

shuuki amamiya

Our protagonist. He is bright and quick-witted, but has a sharp tongue and won’t apply himself to anything he considers boring. Many of his peers find him hard to deal with and there’s a lot of nasty rumors floating around about him. Most of them are true. Though he loves his brothers, Shuuki often goes out of his way to try to annoy them.

natsume amamiya

Shuuki’s eldest brother is asleep more often than not. While harsh and cold towards people he doesn’t know, Natsume is ridiculously affectionate towards his two younger brothers and Chiaki. He loves to cook, doodle pictures of giraffes, and read modernist Japanese literature. Incidentally, literature is the only class he isn’t failing.

masaharu amamiya

Growing up, Masaharu always felt too normal compared to his brothers and developed a need to set himself apart from “the two weirdos”. As a result, his personality is rather dry and he’s quick to set people straight. Masa is the captain of the basketball team, even though that position is normally reserved for seniors--a testament to his ability.

chiaki sorata

Natsume’s childhood friend turned caretaker. Chiaki is somewhat short-tempered (especially if you mention his height) and a hard worker, so it's a wonder how he and Natsume even get along, but they manage. He has a shaky relationship with his own family and doesn’t like to open up much about himself.

yukinari hosokawa

The outsider in this group, Masaharu’s dreaming, scheming classmate Yukinari grew up in a strict, old-fashioned family that maintains influence and power in national business and government. There's a certain amount of privilege coming from that background, but mostly Yukinari feels a burden of restrictions and keeping up appearances.


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Break Chance Memento is a Cyanide Tea visual novel with additional gameplay related to the time travel aspect of the story. It is plot-heavy rather than romance-heavy and can be classified as slice of life, boys’ love, and science fiction. We are tentatively giving the game a 15+ rating due to violent and horrific imagery and writing. A complete list of trigger warnings will be available prior to release.

All writing and programming is done by Lore, though the main characters were originally concepted by:

All art and UI is done by Auro-Cyanide. This includes sprites, CGs, BGs, UI, and the logo design, among other things. Our original UI was designed by Lazcht of Stellar-Ø, with the map lineart done by Dito Satrio. Auro completely revamped and redesigned the UI while reusing some of the core themes.

Other credits:

BCM uses the Ren'Py visual novel engine.


The full game will be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux via and possibly Steam. BCM will cost $19.99 to buy.

Points of interest